Three Easy Ways for Small Business to Embrace Technology and Increase Their Customer Base

There was once a time where the world of online shopping was dominated by large companies. The cause of this was largely due to the costs of setting up an online presence when online shopping began to take off.

However, with the trend well and truly taking over the world, the barriers to entering the market have reduced significantly, allowing even small business owners to compete in the space.

If you are a small business owner interested in taking on new clients but aren’t sure how to do it, below are some great ways that technology can help.

Online Ads

Have you ever noticed that when you search for something on Google, the first few results are ads for the very service you just searched for? While you might be thinking that it’s either luck or an expensive website that puts those ads there, it’s actually simply a matter of purchasing keywords.

For example, if you provide a carpet cleaning service in a certain area, you could purchase the keywords ‘carpet cleaning in AREA’, where AREA would be the towns you service. During this purchase you would choose how many times you want your ad to appear along with the budget that you have and away it goes.

These ads are simple to use for any business owner and can be a powerful tool for attracting new clients, given that the ads are targeted to their specific search query.


While you may be thinking of the days where you cut out coupons from a magazine or newspaper and then handed it to the cashier, the world of coupons has come a long way. Stores like the Groupon Coupons page for Nine West offer their coupons in a digital format, allowing their customer to use them at either their online store or to simply wave at a scanner while shopping in-store. One of the biggest reasons for Coupons working so well is due to the shift in consumer search behavior. While once a customer’s search for a product would begin at their favorite online store, more and more customers are starting their search on the website of their favorite coupons page.

Social Media

There is a good reason why it feels like every business, big or small, has an online presence, and it’s because they do! And if you don’t have one then you are already behind the pack.

Whether you own a small corner store, you provide lawn and garden care, or you and your friends offer removalist services, you need to have a social media presence. While you aren’t likely to be spending your time using the account to post cat pictures, it is a great way for your clients to remain engaged with you along with having quick and easy access to contact you. Many companies manage their entire customer service departments online, allowing them to stay in touch with their customers long after they have left the store. A simple weekly sale or daily deals are all it takes to see a rise in your customer engagement and an increase in your foot traffic.

As you can see, just because you aren’t running a big business doesn’t mean that you can’t compete with them!